Is It Dyslexia?


People who struggle to learn to read or spell are said to have dyslexia. They may also have a poor working memory, slow processing speed and organisation problems. Speech or word finding problems are also common.

All of these symptoms are caused by underlying physical problems. You can treat the underlying problems and as you do the symptoms of dyslexia will decrease.

It is possible to treat all of the underlying problems and to clear all of the symptoms of dyslexia.

Dyslexia Causes

Vision Problems

If your child complains that their eyes get sore, or the text moves or is blurry, or if a coloured overlay helps, then your child has vision problems.

These problems prevent the child from focussing both eyes on the same point, and tracking smoothly. More...

Auditory Problems

Distorted or hypersensitive hearing may prevent your child from hearing properly which stops them from translating written words to sounds. More...

Neurodevelopment Problems

The main dyslexic symptoms are caused by neurodevelopment problems.

There are several neurodevelopment therapies which can address this and improve the way the brain functions. More...


Developmental problems, which cause dyslexia, start with a digestion problem. This digestion problem can be due to Candida, Leaky Gut or Food Intolerances.

The result of these digestion problems is that food gets into the blood stream which shouldn't. This can cause neurodevelopmental problems or neuroinflammation. More...


Due to digestion problems and the modern diet it is very likely your child is not properly absorbing all the vitamins and minerals they need from what they eat. More...