Is It Dyslexia?


Or Neuro Developmental Delay?

Neuro Developmental Delay (also called Retained Reflexes) can cause all sorts of problems - including difficulties with learning to read.

A baby is born with primitive reflexes, like the sucking reflex and the grasping reflex. These reflexes are all meant to disappear by the time a child is 3 or 4, and adult postural reflexes are meant to develop. If they don't then a child has 'retained reflexes'.

The good news is that the baby reflexes can be inhibited by therapy. The therapy consists of exercises which are done for a few minutes every day. It can take a year to work through the therapy and inhibit all the baby reflexes - but you should see vast improvements far earlier than that.


The following people all offer Neuro Developmental Therapy: Some occupational therapists also do it.